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Should we offer a Payroll System?

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Should we offer a Payroll System? (Read Description Bellow the Poll)

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Should we offer a Payroll System?

Post by Fu Heng on Wed Oct 21, 2015 5:23 pm

let's begin with "WTF is a payroll system?"

A payroll system is a means of currency that will provide certain members with benefits, it does not necessarily need to be cash, but it could be "favors" or "chicken" or whatever sort of currency you can think of.

A payroll will basically let a member of our crew "buy" a service from us, at a specific time.

For example, let's say I need 4 members to be in a session a specific day and I need them to protect me. I would pay them with either currency or favors, then I would owe them a favor or currency for their services.

Likewise currency can be used for other things, such as forcing a user to do a specific thing, for example I need a user to recruit 2 new members, I tell him that I would pay him cash when I win a specific event, or I will help him complete a mission.

i.e. payrolls that can be tracked and can measure wealth.

Good thing is that this system is already implemented in our minigame, and the only thing we would have to do is provide the costs for these services. For example if someone asked me to kill a specific person within the game I would charge $10,000 from our minigame. If he does not have enough then he would owe me a favor... etc.

I think you get the idea, this can potentially increase both the crew size and the communication that we have within the crew, transactions would be tracked by the leaders or accountants.

Please share with us your opinion about this, as these types of systems are very hard to implement in the sense that users tend not to use them, but if the leaders use them then the rest of the hierarchy will use them. Likewise we can ask our allied crews to introduce a system of accounting in order to measure their wealth, they can ask for favors or payments in the same manner.

Ever since the "freemodes event" patch it is possible to share large sums of cash. Some users may quickly get cash from other users sharing it for a price. This would serve them well as payment types similar to those found in missions but with much more ease and less requirements. If a specific task is completed payments can be made in a matter of days, hrs, or seconds.

We have to understand that there is currently a high demand for services and ingame cash in GTA since there are less modders and less cash dispensaries.
For instance we can take advantage of this supply and demand surplus and provide our own system of real ingame money.

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Fu Heng
Fu Heng

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Re: Should we offer a Payroll System?

Post by friendlywedman on Wed Oct 21, 2015 6:28 pm

I'm all for it, good idea.

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Re: Should we offer a Payroll System?

Post by JT-Keiko on Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:34 pm

I'm onboard.


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Re: Should we offer a Payroll System?

Post by Sponsored content

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