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Full Information on the Dynamic Map (All you need to know)

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Full Information on the Dynamic Map (All you need to know)

Post by Fu Heng on Fri Sep 04, 2015 1:27 am

The Dynamic Territorial map is a minigame created in google spreadsheets that has the ability to accurately and automatically portray the Cheng Triads territorial possession based on the amount of members and wealth currently possessed by the crew.

In this post you will find full information on how this minigame was constructed and why it was constructed.


The Basics

Why was it made?
Most crews out there claim land and property without properly working it or earning it. Simply because the game provides a back end story to a specific gang it does not mean that a specific crew meets those goals. Since we are a crew that is based on honor and ethics (at a criminal level), we do not like when crews self-proclaim glory. Land and property should be earned with both teamwork and effort.
Therefore we attempted to create a minigame that would produce realistic values for these lands and territories, i.e. to lead by example.

How does it work?

Our Territory is measured by two constants; members and wealth.
There can only be a maximum of 1000 members due to Rockstar's crew limitation, and this factors 55% of our current Influence over Los Santos.
Wealth is measure by the amount of net income we have as a crew, the goal is to reach $2,000,000 per hr on net income, and this factors 45% of our influence over Los Santos.

Wealth takes on a completely different approach as it is more complex than members, given that businesses differ in location and size. Each business provides with more net income that helps reach the $2m mark.

Most of the calculations concerning businesses are based on production by SQFT (square feet), and expenses by employees.
Each property's SQFT are calculated by using a measurement scale on a "to scale" map. Each property is also measured by three leading factors; width, lenght, and stories.
SQFT productivity ranges from $19 to about $100, meaning that a property would be multiplied by this factor.

The main equation for productivity is:
width X lenght X stories X base revenue
or simply
SQFT X base Revenue

This creates a revenue.

In addition to the revenue a business also has expenses, we have factored out all other expenses for the exception of wages for the purpose of simplicity.
Expenses are calculated with the following formula:
minimum wage X current members (current employees).

Therefore the net income is then calculated with the following formula: revenue - expenses = net income.


Properties are not given to any members under any circumstance whatsoever, as they do not belong to the crew until purchased. Therefore each member must earn their wage in order to buy a business.
The price on properties is also calculated by SQFT with the following formula: SQFT X Stock Price.
The Stock Price is a conservative number currently at $12.5 per SQFT randomly suggested to reach a realistic market value for a property.

With the addition to this, the price on properties is volatile, and it increments each hour by .12%, this means that members who sell their properties could earn profit.

In regard to properties you have two options:
1. Become an employee
2. Become an owner

1. If you become an employee you will get the minimum wage posted on the "Earning Details" sheet per hr. This money will accumulate over time, and taxes will automatically be deducted from you.
2. If you become an owner you will receive the net income of the company as your hourly wage. This money can be used to cover upgrades or reward members. The only way to become an owner is to buy a business.

All the money in this game is tracked, and a saving's account is provided to you in the moment you join.
This money can change if money is used or received.


There are different types of upgrades, some of the most important ones include loans. Some Businesses may not be affordable and you may need a loan to pay it off. Most loans are awarded for 12 months at a 5% interest rate (per payment). Meaning that a loan will be an expense hourly for an entire year. Loans are more expensive that minimum wages, so it is important to have a business plan or your business may go bankrupt.

Other upgrades include extra features and expansions for the crew, such as more land, more pay per SQFT, more money from rackets... etc.


This game is practically an honest financial statement provided as a proof of right to ownership for other crews to follow as an example, and to give a sense of progression within the crew with set goals.
It is also a way to kill time if you cannot reach your game and participate online for a while, administering your business is a good way to participate in the crew.

Only Crew members are allowed to participate in this game, this includes allies.

After all it is to see and explore the game itself to get a better understanding of how it works:

All issues pertaining this game can be addressed here.
This includes employment, purchases, accounts etc.
Fu Heng
Fu Heng

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