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Cousin of Tao Cheng, grew up in the streets of Hong Kong, China. All his life he witnessed crime due to his family. He inspired to be a gangster, he dreamed about it every night. Soon he was no longer wishing he had the life his friends and family had, it naturally came to him and at a young age Jun began his criminal career. Over the years petty thieving turned into armed robbery and selling drugs, that lead to and kidnapping girls to be sold into slavery all the way to murder and contract assasinations as well as extorting neighborhood businesses. Cash is king to Jun and once he became an adult he realized that the real money was over seas in America, so he booked a flight. Once there he reunited with his family and joined the Cheng Triads. Jun now has a Methamphetamine connection in Blaine County and a large scale marijuana operation in Paleto Bay that he regularly buys from and transports the products into Los Santos to sell higher to different trusted people all throughout the city. He also provides hitman services.
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