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LSPD Queue List Empty LSPD Queue List

Post by Fu Heng on Sun Sep 20, 2015 9:02 pm

Hello LSPD candidates.

Summary of what is found below (read the entire post if you need more details or are confused):

What is the purpose of this post?
A: To set a queue list for members that want to join the LSPD but are unable due to the 1000 member cap.

What will I find below in the details?
A: Instructions on how to proceed if you are a member waiting in line.

Does this apply to me?
A: It depends

  • If you are in the LSPD and have the LSPD set as active LSPD Queue List Set_as_active Then NO this does not apply to you.

  • If you are in the LSPD but the LSPD is not set as your active crew, or any other known ally crew then YES, You need to set it as active or you may(not will) lose your spot.
  • If you are a new member trying to enter the LSPD after the 1000 mark has been reached (which it has), then YES this applies to you, read how to join down below.

I am in the red zone, I am not active but part of the LSPD, or I am a new member trying to get into the LSPD. What's next?

  • If you are in the LSPD but have not set it as active yet, your spot may be in danger, and you might get kicked if another member meets the criteria, we will give priority to allied groups. It is not guaranteed that you will be kicked from not meeting the conditions, but is fairly possible as we have new recruits every day.
  • If you are a member waiting in line you are not absolutely required to do this, but know that if someone leaves or is kicked, an allied will be prioritized. If you want guaranteed access without having to worry about shenanigans  or someone taking your spot, help us help you. The Cheng Triads hold power within the LSPD, we will help you get in by speaking to the right people, join the Cheng and you will secure a spot as a representative* (you must meet the requirements found below).

"I am completely against this!"
A: "We all hate customers who bough one product and complain about it as if they were loyal customers expending millions of dollars in our products".
-If you are an active member: This shouldn't bother you, because it does not affect you. In fact it benefits you as you will have more active LSPD members to play with now.
-If you are an inactive member: This shouldn't bother you, because you probably care as much about the crew as we care about you
-If you are new: This benefits you, so it shouldn't bother you.
So, that being said, if you like to steer the soup, when it is already at the perfect touch, you can take your drama elsewhere.


I have reworked this post in order to make it more simple for people to understand what this is about.
The LSPD has reached a cap of 1000 member, therefore we can no longer accept new recruits. Instead of creating a new crew we have decided to filter in active members and remove inactives from the crew, on a peer to peer basis.

Currently only people that are inactive in the LSPD will be removed from it, only if a member who has special qualifications can take its place.

A member can be qualified as "Special" if it meets a special requirement, such as being part of a crew within the same network as the LSPD. These members are exempt from these rules.
The full information on which crews are part of the same network and part of the same alliances can be found here:

This post is to remind people that those found in "ALLIED" crews will be given priority, those within the allies section will be recruited as representatives within the LSPD, and those found in the same network will be exempt from having to have the LSPD as their active crew.

To make long story short, if you are not part of the LSPD, and want it. You could get in by either joining the Cheng Triads, or the International Corporation Security Service.

The triads are the principal funding power of the LSPD currently, providing about 70% of the capital to keep it running. The ICSS is a service that provides security to VIP's within the whole network, it has a vast list of clients.

So here are the BENEFITS from belonging to either one:

  • You will be promoted to Representative in the LSPD
  • You will not be removed from the LSPD
  • You will be given power within the crew.

Here are the requirements for each crew:


  • You must join and set the crew as active
  • You must wear a black suit, with a white shirt, and black, red or golden tie.
  • Your crew vehicle is now a black armored cavalcade, or a black Washington/stretch
  • You must protect VIP's during freemode lobbies at all times.
  • A list of VIP's will be provided in a specific section in the LSPD forums.
  • You must attain the rank of representative.

Fu Heng
Fu Heng

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