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The 10 Oaths

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The 10 Oaths Empty The 10 Oaths

Post by Fu Heng on Fri Sep 04, 2015 3:48 pm

The 10 oaths are the backbone of this crew, and they are what makes us different than other crews.
We like to think as the 10 oaths as something we would like to honor rather than something we are obligated to do.
The 10 oaths are meant to inhibit personalities and create a code of ethics to rewards active and loyal users within the crew.

While the 10 oaths are strictly enforced, there is some flexibility depending on who is enforcing them.
The most important enforcer of the 10 oaths is the Red Pole, this is because they are micro managers to the crew and handle squads. They are the ones that decide how much flexibility they will allow to their squad member, however A Incense Master and a Deputy has more authority, therefore making the flexibility of these completely dependent on them.

Here are the Oaths:

1.You must follow every rule, this is a brotherhood not meant for every player, and those that find themselves in this crew are honorable because of the integrity of this crew.
2.You are required to set the Cheng Triads as your active crew and never leave the crew, if so you acknowledge a life of misfortune onto you due to breaking this covenant.
3.You must not change your Cheng Triads crew active status to any other crew under any circumstance.
4.You are required to remain active at least once every week, unless you excuse yourself through a message.
5.You must not kill another Triad brother under any circumstance unless is by accident or playing in a competitive match.
6. You must be discrete about the crew’s business, and you should not start drama with your brothers, you should be forgiving to those within this brotherhood.
7. You must defend other brothers over your own life if necessary, so that their families do not have to mourn over their dead bodies.
8.You must ensure to bring fortune to both the crew and your brothers by promoting the crew to those you think are worthy. This crew is a brotherhood; those in it will not bring initiates that will jeopardize the peace within the crew.
9. You must sign an oath of blood that you will never betray your brothers, and that this brotherhood is your new reason for living in the GTA V Realm.
10. Every member must read and accept these 10 oaths before entering the Cheng Triads.
Fu Heng
Fu Heng

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